“The Tantra Masters simply are wild flowers, they have everything in them.”  ~ Osha

“The Tantra Masters simply are wild flowers, they have everything in them.”
~ Osha


Finally, the time has come for women to have a sensual awakening experience too!

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Tantra is a very magical and sumptuous practice. It is a Hindu or Buddhist mystical or ritual text, dating from the 6th to the 13th centuries. Here at Tantra Dreamz, I take this ancient art form and esoteric knowledge and infuse it into our massages in order to create a much more fulfilling and satisfying massage experience.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how just a few Tantric techniques can create so many paths to amazing pleasure beyond comprehension. Just lay back, close your eyes and let my nurturing  touch transcend you to a place of peace and relaxation. It's an incredible experience for the senses, mind and body.

It is a very scary and daunting task to seek a Tantric/Sensual Massage--and rightfully so! A Tantric Massage involves sensual energy, intimate touch and trust. Tantric healing can have a dramatic and positive effect in a person’s life when given by a well trained and gifted practitioner. But can be damaging if given by someone unqualified and unethical. With my background in massage therapy and training with a well known Shama in Tantra, I will create the most amazing, relaxing, nourishing and stimulating massage you have ever had.

I am a professional and insured massage therapists that specializes in a variety of different massage modalities, such as Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Sports Massage and offer Energy Healing, Reiki, Chios, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Meditation.

I have learned to channel my Divine Goddess to bring forth healing, relaxation and serenity. I have a passion for the awakening of using your sensual energy in a way that is healing, activating and embodied. Allow me to show you how to tap into your devine self and fully access the blissful pleasure that lies within.

Many people mistaken Tantra with sex. However, that is not what it is. It is sensual, not sexual. Sensual is not always sexual and sexual is not always sensual. Sensuality is incredibly healing and connects us to our emotions. It’s the driving force to be who we are and who we strive to be. With the help of a Tantra Massage you can be the real you.

Feel The Power Of Human Energy!

Feel The Power Of Human Energy!


Services-Tantra Massage

Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the nerves located in one’s sex organs to create new pathways of sensation to the brain. It is an amazing experienec of the mind, body, spirit and senses. The session begins with deep breathing and a mini energy clearing. Then, a mini guided meditation is performed for deeper state of relaxation followed by a customized massage with Tantric techniques throughout in order to release and build the orgasmic energy to flow through the whole body. You will feel relaxed, energized and rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.


  • 220 for an hour session

  • 300 for a 90 minute session

  • 440 for a 2 hour session

What Is a Tantra Massage?

A Tantric/ KundaliniMassage is an ancient healing art form that uses intimate touching, affection and sensual energy to awaken the body's energy field and achieve a higher state of consciousness. Using my Shakti power, body and
energy, I will create a massage that will awaken your sleeping
Kundalini- the mythical energy that rests at the base of your spine-and spread it along the spine so you can completely let go, unwind, relax and truly surrender to pleasure beyond comprehension. By awakening the body's energy centers or Chakras, this massage aims to arouse the dormant Kundalini from it's resting state using relaxation techniques, followed by a very relaxing and healing massage.


What a Tantra Massage Isn’t

A Tantra Massage is not sex. It is strictly a sensual massage without any sexual activities. If a Dakini offers “extras”, has abbreviations in her ad, or nude photos, she is not a true Tantra Practitioner. Unfortunately, Tantra has been exploited and hijacked by escorts and prostitutes so that they can advertise in a way to disguise themselves and keep under the radar. A real Tantra Massage will focus on the energy, breathing and massage which stir up the sensual energy from within and bring it out. It will be a very intense and the most fulfilling experience that you have never tasted before.


I will take the stress out of your life.


Hi! My name is Samantha. I warmly invite you on a journey of tactful bliss. I am a modern day Goddess with the touch of an angel and a heavenly smile. I am an excellent, skilled massage therapist that is easy on the eyes, sexy and beautiful with blonde hair. I am 5'1', 110lbs and 34D with an athletic build, upbeat, friendly, happy and bubbly personality.

During our time together, your leisure and pleasure are my only considerations. While I am warm and inviting on a personal level, I am also very professional. I genuinely care about what I do and take pride in my craft. To my best ability, I will give you the ultimate experience!

My “IN-CALL” upscale private professional studio is located in beautiful Westlake Village and has a massage table, clean linens, candles and soft music. It's quiet, serene and tranquil.

Please read FAQ and Etiquette page before contacting me. Thank you!